'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey
'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey
'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey
'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey
'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey
'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey
'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey
'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey
'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey
'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey

'Harajuku' vegan low-top sneaker by King55 - Dark grey

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The Harajuku vegan low-top sneaker by King55 is super comfortable, thanks to its breathable lining, padded inner sole made of dense 5mm high sustainable latex, and removable insole. The laces make it easy to adjust for a secure fit on any foot size! The chunky design makes these shoes easy enough for everyday wear; yet cool enough for special occasions with friends!

  • Vegan low-top sneaker
  • Colour: dark grey
  • Lace-up design
  • Vegan leather upper (microfibre PU)
  • Breathable lining
  • Very comfortable, padded inner sole: made of dense 5mm high sustainable latex
  • Removable insole
  • 3cm heel
  • Water-based glues
  • Handmade ethically in Brazil

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    About King55

    Amauri Caliman - Founder of King55

    King55 is an all-vegan fashion brand based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 2001 from a passion to bring the change they wanted to see in the world, this label has come to grow a global following. Manufacturing exclusive pieces from cruelty-free and eco-conscious materials, King55 offers distinctive styles with a streetwear edge.

    *Picture of Amauri Caliman, Founder of King 55.

    If you're looking for shoes with sturdy, hard-wearing soles and all-day comfort, we can definitely recommend this brand for you. King55 products are manufactured by hand to guarantee quality, and to allow for the addition of detailed design features.

    To make products with a VISUAL impact, instead of causing SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL impacts. That’s the King55 mission.

    “We made it our mission to make our customers aware of sustainability, veganism and fair trade. By working in benefit of the environment, we can show the world that having consciousness is having style.”


    - Amauri Caliman - Founder of King 55

    View all of our King55 collection.

    Read more about King 55


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    vegan leather shoe care


    Here at Vegan Style we choose shoes and products that are well-crafted and made from quality materials. With proper care, they can last you for years to come. As with all shoes, they need to be looked after to ensure their longevity.

    We use many different fabrics such as European-made (Italian and Spanish) microfibre, which performs like traditional leather and suede.  We also use pinatex, appleskin, corn leather, cork, organic cotton, rubber and recycled materials to bring you shoes and accessories made out of the latest innovations.

    *First, always ensure to review the care instructions provided with your new Vegan Style shoes.

    Microfibre /Corn Leather / Apple Leather / Pinatex
    • Wipe down using a damp soft cloth with warm water.
    • Dry with a dry cloth.
    • Use a little mild soap for harsher stains.
    • Air dry away from heaters and direct sunlight.
    • We recommend using a leather conditioner to smooth out creases and make your shoes last longer.
    • Machine washing or machine drying vegan-leather.
    • Using harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia.
    • Soaking or immersing in water, as it can cause damage.
    • Wash canvas shoes in a washing machine on a gentle cold water cycle or by hand using detergent.
    • Rubber soles can be cleaned with a magic eraser.
    • Use a mesh bag to avoid warping or shrinking.
    • Air dry out of direct sunlight.
    • Avoid harsh cleaners
    • Soak a soft cloth in warm water and mild detergent/soap.
    • Gently scrub the cork surface.
    • Rinse with water.
    • Wipe dry with a clean dry cloth.
    • You can use baby wipes or alcohol wipes.
    • Allow products to air dry away from direct sunlight or heaters.
    • Applying a cork sealer or protector can help enhance the water resistance of your cork items.
    • Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners should be avoided as they can cause the cork to deteriorate.
    • Avoid machine washing as this can damage the cork.

    Extra Shoe Care tips

    Shoes should not be worn on repetitive days.

    To make your shoes last longer, try wearing them every other day. Let them have a full 24 hours to dry out to minimize the chances of foot-related issues, warping, unpleasant odors, and loss of shape.

      Do not apply direct heat to shoes, such as putting them nearby a heater or fire.

      If shoes are wet and you need to dry them out, instead leave them in an airy location.

      Waterproof spray: You can protect new shoes by spraying them with a waterproof spray before your first wear.

      If you plan on wearing your shoes out in the wet a lot, this is something to consider. Please note that not all shoes and materials are suitable for using waterproof spray on.

      Cleaning: Use a soft brush and gently brush shoes after rain or once a month to remove dust and dirt.

      You can also use a damp cloth and a little mild soap.

      Keep shoes in tip-top condition by applying shoe cream and/or polish every so often.

      Ensure that shoes are cleaned well beforehand, then apply evenly in a circular motion. Once dry, buff with a polishing brush to add shine. We have a range of eco shoe care products here.

      Shape: Aid shoes to keep their shape by storing them with support.

      You can use shoe trees, or stuff them with paper tissue or newspaper.

      Re-soling: Elongate the life of your shoes by investing in a quality cobbler to re-sole them if and when necessary.

      Make sure you don’t leave it too late to prevent permanent damage.

      A note on caring for Pinatex

      Pinatex is a natural material, so it's good idea to give it a little love every now and then by applying an eco polish. This will help to maintain the material and keep your shoes in good condition. We recommend doing this for all Pinatex products.

      Vegan Style

      About Us

      Born in Melbourne in 2010, Vegan Style was founded from a passion to bring people stylish footwear and accessories, without compromising animal welfare, ethical production or environmental sustainability.

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      Love them!

      Such a great shoe! They have a nice arch support inside and fit nicely to the foot. I’ve been wearing them every chance I get

      Jordan P - Hi-Tops (Black/White) by Etiko
      Melbourne, Vic, Australia

      My favourite sneakers yet!

      Absolutely love these so much!!! I went in wanting boots and came out with these hahaha couldn’t have made a better purchase. Comfort, style and make is perfect!! Thanks Maddi & Shona for all your help

      Rebecca M
      Melbourne, Vic, Australia

      Classic chic flats

      Love the shoes and love Vegan Style. Keen for the shoes to get broken in so they are super comfortable! Such classic chic shoes that I am so eager to wear. Thank you so much

       'Cecilia' vegan-leather women's flat
      Melbourne, Vic, Australia

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