About Us

Because kindness goes with everything   

Since its creation in 2010, Vegan Style has united mindful shoppers with the ethical fashion brands they love. We recognise that it's possible to express yourself through what you wear, without having to compromise your conscience.

That’s why we only align with ethical fashion brands that are:

-       high quality

-       vegan & cruelty-free

-       environmentally friendly

All of which share our “kind fashion” mantra:

"to be fair and respectful to everyone involved in the supply chain"

No more spending hours researching ethical fashion brands, because Vegan Style have done all the hard work for you. So all you need to do now is find that perfect item to add to your collection.

In our online store you will find: 

And much more.

All of which come with a 100% kindness guarantee.

Want to know more about the great guy who started it all? Head here to read Justin's story



Carrying several international vegan brands, Vegan Style provides high-quality, stylish shoes, bags and accessories to the ethical consumer. We now carry bags, purses, belts, wallets and cosmetics.


We pride ourselves on ensuring you receive the best possible service, from the time you place your order right through to after sales care. Contact us if you have any questions.


We only carry the best and most fabulous range of products. We partner with businesses who share our ethics, and care deeply humans, animals and the environment.


Because we believe animals aren't ours to use, eat or wear. Our range of products certainly proves that you don't need to harm animals to be fabulous!

By supporting vegan and ethical businesses you're building a kinder future.

Justin Mead