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"Vegan Style has a great selection of shoes for men and women. Prices are reflective of the quality, ethically sourced materials and beautiful design of the shoes available. A pair of shoes from Vegan Style will actually still look and feel great years later. I highly recommend!!" - Trafford, Nov 2018

    "Amazing selection of earth friendly products. Even though we didn't buy anything the guy in store gave us like a history lesson on vegan footwear and did not once try to sell me anything. What excellent customer service. I'll be back soon :) " - Eddy, June 2018

    "Lot of choices, I love this place!" - Mathiile, Jan 2019

    "Being vegan is tricky when it comes to fashion, but Vegan Style make it super easy to still be "on trend" They also don't just cater for one kind of style but have something for everyone. They are high quality and the staff are exceptionally helpful. We buy almost all our shoes from Vegan Style now and don't see that changing!" - Holly, Feb 2017

    "Best place to get vegan shoes and bags!" - Janfi, Nov 2018

    "Amazing store, amazing staff. Quality products, would definitely recommend" - EC, Feb 2018

    "The staff are helpful and friendly, and the products are great! Expect a reasonable number of products and varieties for a small shop that promotes sustainable fashion" - Lui, Feb 2017