Who Made Our Shoes?

At Vegan Style, we stock a whole range of different ethical, vegan brands. We only stock brands that are fairly made, and we also have our own, ethical in-house brand, Zette. 

For us, ethical shoes are completely free from animals and any harm to them. Humans of course, are one of many animal species, and so we make our shoes in supply chains that value and respect humans as much as any other species.

A critical part of creating ethical supply chains that treat people well, is having a transparent supply chain. After all, if we can't tell you where our shoes are made, how can we possibly promise that they're made fairly?

All of our in-house label Zette shoes are made ethically across Brazil, Portugal, and Spain.

A flow chart of our Zette supply chain

Depending on the style of shoe we are producing -- be it a boot, sandal or stiletto -- we have different partners who are best at creating these. These shoe makers have strong relationships with material makers, who are never too far away. 

About our shoe making partners


This Brazilian shoe factory is owned and operated by Gabriel, who is also the founder of the Ahimsa shoe label. After starting his own vegan brand, Gabriel decided the best way to ensure a positive working environment for those making his shoes, was to have them work for him directly -- no middle man. 

Here are some details about the Ahimsa facility:



This Spanish shoe supplier is used and admired by a curated selection of renowned ethical, animal-free brands around the globe. 

Ex-Factory is SMETA audited, and we are sent these audits for review. These audits confirm that workers have the right to collective bargaining, which living wages and salaries are based on. It also confirms that workers rights like freedom of association and worker benefits are in place, while child labour, harsh or inhumane talk, and discrimination are neither tolerated or occurring, according to workers with interviews and supplied evidence. 


Amishoes, Hupa Shoes, and Vercesa

These Portuguese shoe making companies all work with a singular agent, who organises for different designs to be made across them. We work closely with this agent and their partner shoe makers. 

In these crafting facilities, shoes are made under European Union employment, discrimination, and health and safety laws. The workers are further protected to ensure rights including:

Just working hours, time off, and annual leave
Equal pay (no gender discrimination) 
Maternity and parental leave
Anti-discrimination protocol 
Compensation for discrimination victims (should this unfortunately did occur)
Agency worker protection
Further health and safety protocol.

About our material suppliers

We think it's just as important to share information about where our materials are made, as it is where our shoes are. Too often transparency doesn't go beyond tier one (where products are sewn and stitched), but we believe this should change:

Grupo Moron

The majority of our materials come from this Spanish supplier, which is made up of a team of 130 specialised professionals. The group is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating good working practices and strict regulations around fair living wages, protective gear, medical inspections and other government reviewed laws. Moron also supports and engages with its worker's union. 

You can find photos and information about Moron and their production on their website, and information about the materials we source from them, on our materials and sustainability pages.


Texpiel, Juanpoveda Europe, and Plasticos Elda

These three Spanish companies create a range of more environmentally friendly materials. Texpiel, which is based in the small town of Elche, has an animal-free range which is proudly 'against labour exploitation'. Juanpoveda is based in the city of Petrer, and Plasticos Elda in the city of Elda, both in the Alicante province.


Transparency and the ethics of our beautifully crafted shoes are important to us.
If you have any further questions about how our shoes are made, please ask.