What Do You Get When You Mix Cats With Kindness?

In the case of Vegan Style, you get Zette

A few years ago, Justin and Gavin, the founders of Vegan Style, waved goodbye to Australia for 5 months. And embarked on an around-the-world trip.

They were so excited and energised by the variety of vegan shoes they discovered, that it inspired them to create a fairly made, vegan shoe collection that they could bring back home to Melbourne.

And so, in 2014, Zette Shoes was born. 

A collection of high-quality, European, vegan shoes named after none other than the beautiful Zette the cat.

Just one of over 80 foster cats that won the hearts of Justin and Gavin.

Given their love for cats, they decided to name each pair of vegan shoes in the Zette range after some of the beautiful cats they've rescued.

Here's Ruby posing with her kittens:

Ruby was the inspiration behind the charming 'Ruby'ankle boots in the new Zette collection.

Zette collection

Here's Zette with the new 'Billie' glitter boots.

Shop them and the rest of the Zette range, here

Needless to say, Vegan Style wholeheartedly believes in the "Adopt don't shop" philosophy.

Here are just 3 of the cat rescues we're proud to support:

Maneki Neko Cat Rescue

Robyn's Nest and All the Rest 

Paws and Tails 

PS: Don't miss this short interview with Zette the Cat  where she reveals her spirit celeb and favourites from the new Zette collection.



  • Sara Cook

    Wow !!! My two loves…. Cats and Vegan shoes…… keep up the great work …. thank you for your passion ….. I haven’t fostered cats but I have 4 at home and they are my world

  • Ally

    This is so beautiful. 80 foster kittens! Wow! You are making such a big difference in this world ❤️❤️❤️

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