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Amauri Caliman - Founder of King55

King55 is an all-vegan fashion brand based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 2001 from a passion to bring the change they wanted to see in the world, this label has come to grow a global following. Manufacturing exclusive pieces from cruelty-free and eco-conscious materials, King55 offers distinctive styles with a streetwear edge.

*Picture of Amauri Caliman, Founder of King 55.

If you're looking for shoes with sturdy, hard-wearing soles and all-day comfort, we can definitely recommend this brand for you. King55 products are manufactured by hand to guarantee quality, and to allow for the addition of detailed design features.

To make products with a VISUAL impact, instead of causing SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL impacts. That’s the King55 mission.

“We made it our mission to make our customers aware of sustainability, veganism and fair trade. By working in benefit of the environment, we can show the world that having consciousness is having style.”


- Amauri Caliman - Founder of King 55

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