The Best Vegan Fashion Brands for a Full Wardrobe

If you're new to seeking out animal-free, ethical and sustainable clothing, shoes and accessories, it can be daunting. Which brands make the highest quality garments? Which use the most sustainable materials, or the fairest labour? Which are dedicated to protecting animals behind the scenes, not just when it's profitable, too?  

If these are questions you're asking, we've got you covered! Read on for our list of some of the best vegan fashion brands in each category you ought to look out for – all of which are local to us here in Melbourne, Australia, while offering global shipping.  


sans beast sustainable bags

Sustainable bags and wallets – Sans Beast 

Sans Beast uses eco-PU, recycled PU and Desserto's cactus 'leather' to craft luxe bags and accessories that are 'designed with credibility + manufactured with quality. Collectable, functional, affordable and designed with love'. 

Whether you're looking for a tote that can fit all of your things, a sleek and professional backpack, a playful and bold satchel, a coin wallet or something else, Sans Beast has got you sorted. 

This brand is very transparent about the goings-on behind the scenes of the brand, and that includes the making of their bags in Guangdong. The brand lists all of the materials they use, their suppliers, and their reasoning for working with them. Additional happy-making fact about the brand – Sans Beast regularly donates to and supports the gorgeous and important work of Edgar's Mission farmed animal sanctuary. 

unreal fur recycled collection

Faux fur and down-free jackets and coats – Unreal Fur


Unreal Fur is a pioneering brand in the quality faux fur market. Offering full length coats, cropped vests and everything in between, the brand boasts a wide range of faux fur styles that range from the more out there, colourful and full 'furs', to short, 'shaved' and minimal choices. 

As well as faux furs, the brand offers a selection of stylish, down-free puffer jackets that are the perfect mix of function and form. These aren't ordinary puffers, they're made with patterned fabric shells, not just basic synthetics. 

The latest collection from this brand, made in independently audited facilities, is made of 100% recycled materials, making animal-free fashion far more sustainable. 


noskin ethical fashion

Ethical denim and outwear – Nōskin

A new brand on the block, Nōskin is a gender-neutral label creating classic staple pieces ethically, from sustainable and animal-free materials. 

From hemp worker jackets to recycled Japanese denim jeans, this brand can dress you from head to toe. The styles that this brand releases are timeless, and will serve you well for many years to come thanks to both quality design and craftwork. 

Nōskin is driven by animal liberationist philosophy which extends to the protection of planet and people (because we're animals too!), so you know that you're money is going to a good place when supporting Nōskin. 


bhumi organic cotton

Comfortable, fair trade basics – Bhumi

This is the perfect label for anyone seeking out fair-trade, plant-based undergarments, basics and sleepwear. 

Bhumi's collection of sateen, flannel and linen garments are perfect for people of all genders who want not only soft fabrics against their skin, but the comfort of knowing that no one was harmed in the making of what they're wearing.

For outside of the wardrobe, this brand also produces lovely towels and bedding, made to the same high standards.



total ethics knitwear

Total ethics knitwear – Willow and Claude

This is the label from non-profit Collective Fashion Justice, with 100% of profits supporting their work in creating a fashion system that respects all animals – human and non-human, as well as the planet. 

This knitwear is made from sustainably grown Australian cotton, in a completely transparent and ethical supply chain that is shown in the short film, Willow and Claude, named after two rescued lambs.




zette shoes

Vegan shoes – Zette

Ending somewhere close to our hearts, our favourite vegan shoes (outside of the many other brands stocked in our store) come from our in-house label, Zette. 

With a rescued cat as the namesake of the brand, each style is named after someone – mostly kittens who too, have been rescued and fostered by the Zette team, along with other rescued animals like lambs. 

With both traditionally masculine and feminine styles available, Zette's shoes are made ethically in a transparent supply chain, from high quality vegan leather and animal-free materials. 


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