Sadly, we're closing our Fitzroy shop.

 💔 Sadly, we have to close our beloved Fitzroy store because, despite fighting as hard as we can, the cost-of-living crisis finally got us.

Vegan Style Fitzroy Store door saying closed

Things have been tough lately. Everything is getting more expensive - like rent, insurance, and staff costs. But at the same time, everyone is struggling and people aren't coming to the shop as much, and sales are going down. We just can't afford to keep it open anymore.

But don't worry, our online shop is still going strong, and we will keep it going - at least for the time being.

We don't know the exact day we'll close yet, but the latest will be May 31st.

Honestly, though, unless something changes, we might not make it that far.

If you like coming into the shop, please come by soon because we won't be able to keep it open much longer.

Thanks for all your support.
Vegan Style

We are open online and will continue to be! Your support will keep us going strong.


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