A Q & A with retail team member Sam Broomby

Say hi to Sam, one of Vegan Style's dedicated team members working at 345 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. 

Sam's also a talented photographer and he took some time away from his busy schedule to share a little bit about himself with you all. 

When did you decide to go vegan?

I decided to be vegan after being vegetarian for a couple of years. I simply saw that dairy and eggs were as devastating as meat was, and I knew that I had to change. It's hard to ignore the facts when it comes to animal welfare, and the welfare of our planet once you know them. Now I choose to live a life that treats the planet as best I can.

What drew you to working in ethical fashion retail?

I was employed by Vegan Style purely by chance. I was heading into the store after just moving to Melbourne to buy shoes for work in hospitality when Tanya offered me a job. I was drawn to working in ethical fashion retail for the same reasons I chose to engage with it as a customer; that there is a cruelty free alternative to fashion.

What are 3 things you love most about the Vegan Style boutique?

It would have to be the camaraderie between the staff, the die hard support of our customers, and that we're doing something at scale that nearly nobody else is doing.

We're truly pushing vegan fashion alternatives forward by making them as easy to access as any other fashion brand.

What kinds of shoe styles give you a warm and fuzzy feeling?

Monk style shoes are what dreams are made of.

Do you have any fur babies?

Not with me here in Melbourne, but I did leave two beautiful, chubby labradors when I left Canberra for Melbourne.

Donuts or dips?

You tell me; Donut hit rate, 50%. Churro with dark dipping chocolate hit rate, 100%. 

Finish this sentence. “Vegan shoes……”

Vegan shoes and vegan fashion are genuinely terrifying for large fashion retailers because those retailers are more than aware of the atrocities that are being committed for the next pair of high street shoes. 

People are becoming increasingly aware of the conditions these goods are manufactured in, and I think people aren't standing for it.

What we offer is something that actually stands for the ethical treatment of animals and humans alike. Vegan Style provides a real, accessible, affordable alternative to an industry intimately linked to cruelty. I think that's really powerful.


If you ever want to stop by and chat to Sam, he's in store on Saturday's.


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