Breaking In Your New Vegan Shoes

You just purchased a brand new pair of shoes and you want to wear them out and about straight away. We understand, they look great and you want to show them off! 

That said, it really is worth spending the time to break them in properly before you wear them out. Particularly if you plan to wear them for long periods. 

1. wear them around the house for a short period of time to see if they're really the right fit. 

2. stick to wearing them for 2 hours intervals for the first couple of wears and then slowly increase to 4-6 hours.

3. if they're not loosening up and molding to your feet, here are some tips to help speed up the breaking process: 

  • Stretch them. Use a wooden or plastic shoe shaper overnight to gently stretch the problem shoes. You can find shoe shapers online.
  • Oil them. Massage a vegan-friendly leather conditioner the edges of vegan-leather shoes that are hurting your feet. After a few days, the shoes should be softer and less abrasive. Or use a fabric conditioner for shoes with a fabric upper. 
  • Warm them up. Wear thick socks with your shoes. Then, use your hair-dryer to heat up the tight spots for about 30 seconds. Walk around while the shoe material is still warm and flexible. Once you think they’re ready, take off your socks and try them on.

4. if possible, wear with socks or stockings for the first few wears.

5. take band-aids or shoe pads with you the first few times you wear them out. Have a change of shoes in your bag or the car if you're wearing the shoes out to an event.

It is normal for shoes to rub and pinch the first few wears, but this will usually go away quickly. 

You may be lucky, your new shoes may be comfortable straight off the bat but most shoes need a little time and effort on your part before achieving maximum comfort potential.

Please don’t pick fights with the staffer in the shoe store because you’re getting blisters with the shoes they sold you. Remember, you are ultimately responsible for the shoe you walk out of the store with. Be active in the decision-making process – but don’t leave it up to the store-person to decide for you. By all means take note of their advice. A big part of getting the right shoe is acknowledging HOW COMFORTABLE IT FEELS.

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