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Joshua Katcher - Founder Brave GentlemanBased in New York, Brave GentleMan are a luxurious, sustainable, vegan fashion brand. Brave GentleMan do things differently; they embrace a slow-fashion production model, and resist industry-induced 'seasons'. This ethical fashion brand invests in sustainable innovation, superior vegan materials, ethical labor and classic styles made with quality. 

*Picture of Joshua Katcher, Founder of Brave GentleMan.
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Brave GentleMan has been featured in Vogue, GQ, Forbes, The Financial Times and photographed on celebrities from Lukas Gage, Stephan James, Alan Cumming and Zach Woods to Liam Hemsworth, Joaquin Phoenix and Elliot Knight. In recent years, the brand was named Menswear Brand of the Year and Most Influential Designer by PETA.

“Many people don’t realize that popular materials like wool and leather are associated with disastrous climate impacts, loss of biodiversity and animal cruelty. At Brave GentleMan we simply don’t view animals as acceptable sources of fiber.”


- Joshua Katcher

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