Bags Made From Apple Leather

Apple Leather vegan sustainable handbags by Alexandra K

There are so many exciting innovations in sustainable vegan fashion right now. Apple Leather is one of them. It is made by reworking leftovers from harvested apples, including seeds, peels and cores. The result is a vegan-friendly, durable leather-like material that is perfect for shoes and bags.

Apple Leather is exceptionally strong, naturally UV resistant, highly breathable and hypoallergenic. The material's production is also ecological and not toxic to the environment. Apple leather is even biodegradable!

Sustainable vegan-friendly, non-leather handbags, made from Apple Leather and Pineapple Leaf Leather

We're excited to have just released our new collection of luxe vegan bags from Alexandra K. The handbags, briefcases and backpacks are made ethically in Europe, and use revolutionary sustainable materials like Apple Leather, Pinatex, Freedom-Leather (a 100% silicone, non-petroleum based eco material, derived from quartz sand) and Peace-Leather (made from premium raw + recycled PU).

Alexandra K vegan, sustainable and ethical handbags, briefcases and backpacks. Made from Apple Leather, Pinatex and Freedom-Leather.

Vegan, eco-friendly handbag made ethically from Pinatex (pineapple leaf leather)

Discover the new Alexandra K collection here.

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